From Programming to Software Development

If writing software is your profession then you will know that its not one of the easiest ones. To come up with a good software product requires knowledge much more than what is given in the form of requirement specs. A developer can instruct a computer to perform his/her commands with code, but how well that code is written turns out to be altogether different story. But still its nice feeling to see how our code affects lives of other people.

Writing code is just one of the tasks in software development process. There are differences in being a Software Developer or a Programmer. A programmer only implements what has been asked and is knowledgeable about the programming languages. On the other hand, a software developer requires multiple software engineering skills and can think and influence the architecture of the solution. Programming is just one of those skills.

Computers have become quite common in recent times. There are millions of programmers doing coding for problems in different domains. Ada Lovelace is considered as the first programmer writing code for Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. That was in 1842! She did write the code for algorithms but could never execute them. With all the technology with us, we can certainly do better, by not merely thinking about the what to write. A good developer just doesn’t know the best solution but is capable of selecting the best one out of multiple solutions.


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