C# Rocks!

June 1, 2009

Years ago when .NET (c#) beta was first released, I had downloaded and installed to give it a shot. But I quickly realized that all that could be done in C# was possible with Visual C++ (MFC) with which I was very comfortable at the time. I lost interest and moved on.

Years later I had to choose between Java and C# to work on a new project. Experience in Win32 and MFC pushed me to use C# as I thought I could directly map the two. I was right to a great extent. So for all the people who have done Windows programming using Win32 and MFC I would say… Go for it. C# is completely object orientated and is a syntactically beautiful language. You will surely have loads of fun programming with it.

For anyone who wants to know why C# was developed, take a look at this.

To get started on programming in C#, look here.