Great free utility to recover deleted files in Windows

October 18, 2008

A few weeks ago I got into the mood of cleaning up my PC from unwanted files/folder and unused applications. I started deleting all the junk data that I didn’t need. But then something fell down from the sky, my mind got confused and I deleted a folder containing hundreds of pictures of my son. That was THE Oh My Good moment.

As soon as I realized what had happened, I kept sitting there, thinking what my wife will do to me when she gets to know. I had to do something and quickly.


As I used Shift-Delete to delete the files and folder, I knew there will be nothing for me in the Recycle Bin folder. My only choice was to get hold off some software which could read the hard disk sectors where those files were before they were deleted.

Note: If you delete files from your computer, Windows does not actually remove data from the hard disk; it just deletes the links to those files from the File Allocation Table and marks those areas as available for future use. Which means, a new file can be given the space where a contents of a deleted file are located. Do not perform any installation or copy new files on the disk where the files were deleted. Doing so will give the OS a chance to overwrite those sectors of the disk with new contents

I started to look for some utility. Most of them were available as trial version and they did not recover the files. Though they showed a list of some of the deleted picture files. But I was not satisfied with their functionality in the evaluation mode. I would have bought the first software if it had worked.

I looked further and found Undelete Plus from The tool worked like a charm and I got my files back. And yeah, it was free.

Undelete Plus

Undelete Plus in action!!!